Our team

We share a passion for great science education.

Stile was founded by Alan Finkel, Byron Scaf and Danny Pikler, who together own and operate the company.

Every aspect of Stile is crafted in-house by our passionate team of teachers, scientists, artists and engineers – a multidisciplinary group of the best and brightest. You’ll find Stilists scattered all around Australia, New Zealand and the United States with our global Headquarters based in Melbourne, Australia.
Meet the Stile team
We asked the team how they would describe a Stile person. Here is what they had to say.
Meet the Stile team
Alan Finkel
Chair & Co-founder
Alan Finkel is a neuroscientist, engineer and entrepreneur. He was Australia’s chief scientist from 2016 to 2020, during which time he led the National Electricity Market Review, the development of the National Hydrogen Strategy, and the panel that advised the Australian Government on the 2020 Low Emissions Technology Roadmap. Amongst Alan's other roles within the government, Alan has returned as our Chair.
Byron Scaf
Byron got a few months into a PhD in Neuroscience at Melbourne University before building Australia’s first electric vehicle charging network with Better Place. Finally understanding what STEM meant in the real world, he co-founded Stile in 2012 and set about working with schools.
Clare Feeney
Head of Education
Clare started as a medical scientist before she was introduced to the joy of teaching when tutoring refugee families. As a science and maths teacher, she became aware of the positive impact of technology. In 2015, she joined Education Perfect and built their Science, Mathematics, Geography, History and Numeracy resources. In 2019, she joined Stile and is responsible for developing all teaching and learning resources.
Daniel Pikler
CEO & Co-founder
After working as a musician, then as a geneticist at the CSIRO in Canberra, Danny studied secondary teaching in Melbourne and saw first-hand the need for better science teaching resources. Danny joined Byron and Alan to found Stile in 2012.
Daniel Rodgers-Pryor
Daniel’s academic background in Condensed Matter Physics and Computer Science gave him a passion for promoting scientific literacy and the skills to manage complex computing systems. Daniel joined Stile in 2014 and stepped into the role of CTO in 2017.
Jayde Taylor
Head of Finance
Jayde was traveling in South America when she started to think differently about purpose. She had been working in New York and London for award-winning creative agencies, integrating new digital ventures for a rapidly changing market. In Stile she saw a unique opportunity to unlock the potential of young people with innovative content and technology.
Peter Walters
US Sales Executive
Peter's passion for education began while teaching undergraduate students during his postgraduate studies. For more than 20 years he has led various education publishing companies across Australia, New Zealand, USA and Latin America to provide world-class teaching and learning resources for K-12 and higher education institutions.
Sarah Lindop
Head of Schools
After working as an eLearning developer, predominantly in the health industry, Sarah made the move to a sector she was more passionate about: education.
The dream team
Alex Finkel
Head of Application Engineering
Alexandra Russell
Head of Professional Learning
Andrew Nicholls
Head of Schools, VIC
Andy Smith
Science Curriculum Writer
Andy Tang
Senior Platform Engineer
Caitlyn Jones
Executive Assistant (Product Admin)
Campbell Edgar
Science Curriculum Editor
Charlotte Newall
Teacher Happiness
Chelsea Page-Saxton
Engineering Administrative Assistant
Daniel Flynn
Software Engineer
Dave Canavan
Head of Schools, QLD
David Browne
IT Manager
Devon McKenzie
Software Engineer Intern
Elise Smith
Emily Cheng
Finance Manager
Emma Ngo
Erica Gibbs
Science Curriculum Writer
Hamish McCoy
Science Curriculum Writer
Honman Yau
Software Engineer
Huw Llewellyn
Software Engineer
Ikram Saedi
Software Engineer Intern
Jemima Capper
Maths Curriculum Writer
Joe Atkinson
Science Curriculum Writer
Joshua Ravek
Head of Schools, NSW
Jules Ius
Teacher Happiness
Julianna Jimenez
Education Sales Manager
Kat Gentry
Special Projects Lead
Katrina Don Paul
Head of Community
Kelly Fernandez
Sales Assistant
Kirsten Hood
Communications Coordinator
Leah Jabornik
Teacher Happiness Team Lead
Makeila Reyes
Head of People & Culture
Marie Kinsey
Science Curriculum Writer
Matthew Needham
Business Systems Engineer
Meadhbh O'Brien
Professional Learning Leader
Meghan Fennessy
School Experience Manager
Mia Holton
Nick Spain
Software Engineer
Olivia Pupillo
People & Culture Assistant
Paul Giardina
Teacher Happiness
Peter Gates
Software Engineer
Pooja Prabhakaran
Quynh-Chi Nguyen
Senior Software Engineer
Rabia Abrar
Software Architect
Rebecca Wilde
School Experience Manager
Rochelle Scholtes
Concierge Coordinator
Sean Hurley
Head of Design
Shannon Cole
Software Engineer
Shaun O'Keefe
Head of Platform Engineering
Shawna Jensen
Education Sales Manager
Steve Dornan
Head of Schools, WA
Stiele Hagens
School Experience Manager
Teagan Cole
People & Culture Assistant
Tia Lowenthal
Software Engineer
Toni Cox
Science Curriculum Writer
Ulisses Albuquerque
Head of Security
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