Technology for teaching

Stile’s technology is purpose-built to empower teaching and learning in the classroom.

Stile’s resources are presented via our award-winning online teaching and learning platform, purpose-built to support both direct instruction and self-paced learning in modern science classrooms.

Envisioned as a teacher’s ultimate sidekick, Stile’s technology is designed to put teachers in the driver’s seat. It encourages collaboration and class debates, while making it simple to differentiate instruction and provide timely feedback.

Stile’s technology was co-created with teachers in US and Australian classrooms. It’s been battle tested by hundreds of thousands of students, and we’re constantly refining it.
The ultimate sidekick
Stile fits perfectly into your existing teaching workflow: preparing for class, teaching your class, and analyzing student performance.
Teachers can choose from a library of pre-made interactive science lessons, prepare for class by reviewing detailed teaching notes and customize any aspect of those lessons with point-and-click tools. Schools can organize their customized science programs, share them, and reuse them year after year.
Stile comes alive in the classroom. Teachers can present lessons on the projector while students participate live on their own devices. They can vote on polls, participate in class discussions, and contribute their answers to questions.

Teachers have full control over which lessons are available to each student. All work completed by students is visible to the teacher in real time. By making learning visible, Stile makes it easier than ever to get a gauge of student understanding, right then and there in class.
We love the idea of data-informed teaching. Stile does a bunch of number crunching behind the scenes to give teachers insights into student learning. Armed with an understanding of student performance, teachers can quickly and easily provide feedback directly on student work. Students can revisit their work, and all revisions are saved as evidence of learning progression.
No technology for
technology’s sake
We hate it when people use technology for the sake of it. For example, paper is amazing for scribbling notes, or writing out complex maths equations. In fact, there are quite a number of resources we produce that don’t use technology.

Wherever we use technology, we’ve carefully considered why, and only done so when we can see a clear benefit to students.
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
— Arthur C Clark
All our features

Enable modern pedagogy

Data-informed teaching
Enhance your teaching practice with the insights provided by data analytics.
Visible thinking
Gain insight into your students’ thought patterns by incorporating visible thinking routines into your lessons.
Blended learning
Easily combine online activities and offline tasks within your existing classroom workflow.
Flipped learning
Fast and easy video embedding designed with flipped learning in mind.
Differentiated instruction
Stile contains customization tools that allow you to tailor lesson content to different learning needs.

Build interactive lessons

Live brainstorms
Allow students to collaborate in real time. The Live Brainstorm widget allows students to quickly contribute their ideas to a class discussion.
Drag-and-drop multimedia
Easily add as much of your own media into your lessons as you like, and in any format.
Live polls
Gauge student understanding, survey opinions, or facilitate peer-to-peer learning.
Save all work in one place
Any student work done offline or in other applications can be uploaded right in the lessons – presentations, videos, photos and more.
Incorporate existing materials
Don’t reinvent the wheel; include your existing lesson materials in Stile.
Adapt and reuse
Teachers can build a library of customized student resources that can be used year after year and shared with colleagues.
Real-time class discussion
Students can collaborate, share ideas and discuss work in a safe, moderated environment.
Open-ended tasks
Empower students to respond with a mixture of text, multimedia, graphs and sketches.
Paperless classroom
Save time, money and the environment by reducing printing and photocopying.
Annotation, sequencing and drawing questions
The flexible “interactive canvas” question type enables a whole host of innovative visual questions.
Mind mapping
Have students brainstorm what they already know about a new topic or reinforce the grouping of ideas in a mind map.
Interactive questions
Create interactive Cloze drag-and-drop questions to challenge students with different question types.

Classroom workflow

Real-time feedback
Keep students on track with real-time written or audio feedback.
Everything in one place
Lesson content, student responses, class discussions and feedback, all together.
Due dates
It’s simple to set, change and check upcoming due work.
Fully worked model answers
Model answers are embedded into each open-ended question in Stile and teachers can modify these or create their own.
Real-time class insights
Live analytics and performance insights help identify student misconceptions earlier than ever.
Automated instant feedback
Pre-set responses give students even faster feedback.

Customized to your science classroom

Pre-made risk assessments through RiskAssess
130 Stile practical activities have a pre-made template in RiskAssess.
Flexible assessment tools
Diagnostic, formative and summative assessment tasks are all included, or you can design your own.
Digital workbook
Worksheet creation, organization and assessment is built into the lesson and seamlessly incorporated into the experience.
Quickly test your students’ understanding of a topic with pre-made quizzes or make your own.
Streamlined reporting
Keep parents informed when it matters most, with easy-to-use reporting tools.
Digital portfolio
Each student’s work, results and progress are saved and can be referred to year after year.
Digital lab book
Students record experiment results straight into Stile. Placing their data alongside the lesson content makes it easier to revise, and easier for teachers to assess learning and progress.
Comprehensive lab handbook
All of our experiments are complemented with a laboratory technician guide.


Any device, anywhere
Seamless switching between a tablet at school and a laptop at home, for students and teachers.
iOS app
Students can bring work from any iPad app into Stile for feedback and marking.
Integration API
Incorporates seamlessly into your school’s software ecosystem.
Canvas integration
Easily sync marks from Stile to Canvas.
Any file format
Just upload whatever you have and Stile takes care of the rest.
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