Stile on the go

Stile Quiz lets your students learn, revise and master science concepts outside of class.

Designed to complement Stile in the classroom, Stile Quiz (we call it “Squiz” for short) is the perfect way for students to quickly learn, consolidate and master the fundamentals of science at home or on the go, whenever they have a few minutes to spare. It covers all the core terminology for middle and high school.
A perfect education companion
By mastering key terminology and basic concepts for homework, more class time can be spent tackling real-world problems, higher-order concepts, and hands-on investigations.
Stile Quiz learns with you
The true magic of Stile Quiz is that it personalizes learning for every student. As students answer questions, Stile learns what they do and don’t know, and teaches them what they don’t know until they’ve mastered a topic.
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