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World-class curriculum resources for phenomena-based learning and explicit instruction

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Stile is a next-generation phenomena-based science resource. It is purpose-built to facilitate vibrant, collaborative learning with a mixture of rich, interactive activities, hands-on labs, assessments, and much more.

We’ve designed Stile to empower educators. Our learning resources are rigorously crafted to support evidence-based pedagogies that drive the adoption of the NGSS. Our technology is crafted to help educators, not replace them. Everything has been battle-tested and refined in thousands of classrooms

Tour of Stile

Relevant and contextualized

Topics are taught in the context of recent science news, bringing real-world relevance to every lesson.

Every unit is guided by a relevant and relatable expert, showcasing a wide range of careers.

Engaging science news stories provide context and opportunities for collaboration and scientific discussion.

Engaging for all students

Each lesson starts with learning goals, helping students take responsibility for their learning.

Lessons are scaffolded from lower- to higher-order thinking, ensuring all students are challenged.

Interactive simulations allow students to model and run experiments.

Key insights into learning

As they work, students’ responses are automatically saved in Stile and instantly visible to the teacher.

Teachers can provide real-time feedback for their students while teaching in Stile.

Students receive more feedback, more often.

We’ve covered every topic for middle science

Grade 6

The Water Cycle
Food Chains & Food Webs
Physical & Chemical Change

Grade 7

Our Place in Space
States of Matter
Elements & Compounds

Grade 8

Active Earth
Body Systems
The Nervous System

For each topic, you’ll find a combination of

Formative and summative assessments

Experiments and projects

Skill builders

STEM career profiles

Engineering challenges

Socratic seminars

Science news

Escape room challenges


Augmented and virtual reality

Simulations and interactives

Glossary of terms

Stile in numbers

topics covering Australian, New Zealand, and United States curricula
digital science lessons and assessments. They’re printable too.
summative and formative questions, with fully worked model answers
pre-tested practical activities using common materials, and with risk assessments
career profiles of young, relatable people using their science and engineering skills
custom-built simulations and interactives
high-quality short videos, many of which we’ve built ourselves
lessons focused on scientific discoveries, news, and current events
word dictionary of scientific terms, crafted against the curriculum

Stile was made to augment teachers in the classroom, not sideline them

Teachers are the single most important part of a student’s education. Stile helps teachers perform at their best, saving them time and providing them with powerful learning tools.

Many online resources effectively sideline the teacher, leaving students in isolation answering volleys of lower-order questions. Stile does the opposite.

Stile puts the teacher in the driver’s seat. It was designed to teach with – to give teachers complete visibility over their students’ work, real-time analytics on their understanding of each concept, and the necessary tools to control the flow of the classroom. We believe that this true blended learning approach is the best way to make great use of the technology in today’s classrooms.

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