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Stile in your District

Contact our team of former educators and scientists to learn more about how Stile partners with districts to increase science engagement and outcomes for all learners. Over the years, we’ve learned that a valuable place to start is through a simple conversation. During our chat we are happy to share more about:

  • Piloting options for schools and districts
  • Customizing lessons and units to match specific learning needs and varying contexts
  • NGSS alignment and three-dimensional learning in Stile units
  • Using the Stile workflow to personalize, facilitate, and analyze engaging science lessons
  • Simulations, hands-on labs, and other interactives
  • Supporting language learners in the science classroom
  • Our commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Visible Thinking Routines and discourse with Stile
  • Ongoing Professional Learning that goes beyond technical training

We are always happy to answer questions and eager to learn more about district needs. We look forward to connecting with you!