Over the last 12 months, we have been living through what will be the most historic global event since the Second World War. It’s scary, it’s confusing – especially for our youngest citizens – and misinformation is rife. It is more important than ever that our schools are armed with the tools, resources and training they need to guide our students. Not just to understand the facts of this pandemic, though that is of course important, but how to stop and critically evaluate those facts for themselves.

We create world-class resources for science teachers (we call them superheroes, because… they are). Resources that help them bring their classes to life. Stile’s resources are used by 1 in 3 Australian secondary schools. All our resources are delivered through our web-based teaching and learning platform and it’s all been built right here in Melbourne. Every single day, over 100,000 students and 8,000 teachers around the country (and increasingly around the world) use our resources.

To get a bit of a feel for what we do, check out our recent lesson on the COVID-19 Pandemic. Check out these videos too.

The lessons we create are modern, relevant, and are designed to encourage students to stop and think. In doing so, we’re helping them build the skills and knowledge not only essential for success in school, but that also lay the foundations to be informed, reflective citizens.

That’s why we need your help! We need a talented videographer to create amazing videos for our lessons, teaching resources and to promote our brand. We’re passionate about giving students the best science education ever and we hope you are too.

Ultimately, we’re looking for someone who can shoot, edit and produce excellent video content. We’re looking for someone who loves telling stories with film, and understands just how powerful that can be. Someone who can put themselves in the shoes of teenage students or a busy teacher as they craft the perfect piece of communication.

Sometimes we’re explaining a tricky scientific concept. Sometimes we’re interviewing someone using their scientific skills in an interesting and unexpected way. Sometimes we’re explaining important social issues. But always, we want our videos to be a lot of fun. When the teachers put them on in class, we don't want the students to just watch them, we want them to love them.

You'll work closely with the wider Stile team to make sure your videos are scientifically sound, high quality and delivered on time.

Outside of our lesson content you will be creating videos to promote our product and events. We want science teachers to know what it is like to use our product in a classroom or to be a part of one of our events and we think that video is a really effective way of doing that. You’ll also get involved with the production of live webinars, panel discussions and other events we host as part of the teaching community.

This is a brand new role at Stile and we think it’ll be a rewarding one for someone that shares our passion for education, and brings an epic passion for video.

Sound interesting?

If so, please read on below to find out more about what’s in it for you, and to read about responsibilities of the role in further detail.

To apply, please send your application to and include the following:

  • A showreel or link to your personal website that contains examples of your video work.

  • A cover letter (no more than a page) explaining why you're going to smash this role out of the park. Include a paragraph on which Behaviours of an Effective Stile-ist most resonate with you or which you disagree with and why. Address your letter to Sean Hurley.

  • Your resume

Applications close Sunday 28th March at 11:59pm.

For more information on our hiring process, please refer to our hiring process.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

The Details

How you’ll spend your time

  • Creating amazing videos for Stile lessons. Collaborating with our curriculum writers, illustrators and animators, you’ll be making videos that explain what the greenhouse effect is, what causes volcanic eruptions, how to use lab equipment or profiling the next generation of scientists!

  • Creating marketing videos. We want to showcase how Stile can be best used in the classroom and how teachers are currently using Stile.

  • Working with the webinar team on live streams. Our professional learning team has been producing webinars throughout the last year in lock down and we have ramped up our capabilities a lot but we think we can push the production value a bit further.

  • Creating product videos for Help Centre and feature releases.

  • Overseeing our AV production facilities (we just built a brand new video production studio, just for you!)

A bit more about you

  • You love video / film and are deeply connected to screen culture.

  • You’re creative. You can take concepts and find interesting ways of bringing them to life.

  • You have a high standard when it comes to quality and you have an exceptional eye for detail.

  • You have a lot of fun with what you do.

  • You’re incredibly organised and efficient. You have good time management skills, and have no problem juggling multiple projects and tasks simultaneously.

  • You have great written and verbal communication skills, and you’re confident working in a team environment.

  • You’re eager to learn. Super eager. You soak up feedback, incorporate it, and are constantly driven to be better.

What’s in it for you:

  • Colleagues worth working with. You’ll join a growing multidisciplinary design team we like to call “Stile Studios” as it’s forth full-time member. More broadly, you’ll get to know a 50-strong team of educators, scientists, artists and engineers. Imagine a workplace where everyone genuinely cares about, and is working towards, improving scientific literacy amongst our young citizens. We hold ourselves, and each other, to a high standard and love what we do.

  • A fantastic office environment. We’re only just starting to use it again properly (thanks COVID), and we really missed it. It has a brand new film studio, complete with screens, lighting rigs, microphones, props and yes, even a teleprompter. It also has a huge central kitchen, where the team often gathers to cook for each other - turns out we have some pretty amazing chefs.

  • Support always. Stile is its people, and it’s important we are creating an environment where you’re supported, happy and able to do your best work. We have strong management and feedback frameworks, an Employee Assistance Program, a progressive parental leave policy and much more.

  • Flexibility. We expect that you work hard, but you’ll have flexible hours and you’re the master of your own schedule. While initially we’ll want you to be around the office while you’re getting to know the place, there will be opportunities to work remotely later on.

  • Play time. We enjoy each other's company and doing non-work stuff together from time to time. We’ve got a dedicated team within the company that put on regular events for us, from BBQs to Bubble Soccer and even an annual Mount Buller ski trip!

  • Gear. We know you need solid kit to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We’ll provide the camera, lighting, sound and computer equipment you need to get the job done.

Hours and location

This is a full-time, permanent role based in Melbourne, Victoria.

The role will be based out of Stile’s head office in Melbourne, with some potential for working from home.

As part of the social distancing measures being put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19, we’re currently working partially remote, so you’ll need to be able to work from home and in our (awesome) office which is located on Exhibition Street in Melbourne CBD.

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