Women in STEM - Software Internship 2022

Are you good at collecting, organising and finding patterns in information? Do you like science or solving puzzles? Are you curious about the way apps work and interested in learning how to build them?

Have you considered taking a gap year in 2022? What if you used it to learn to code and got paid to do it?

Learning to code is massively empowering. Code is behind almost every piece of modern technology, from your phone to wind turbines. Code flies airplanes on autopilot and makes sure your fridge stays cold. Learning how code is learning how to design the future. And here is the secret: It is something anyone can learn to do.

In 2022, Stile is offering software engineering internships for young women, non-binary, and women-identifying people. You should be interested in learning to code and are passionate about science. It’s great if you’ve had some coding experience already, but totally cool if you don’t.

This is a genuinely awesome opportunity to learn something new and experience what designing apps is all about. You’ll get paid, and you’ll have some fun too!

The experience at Stile: what to expect

So that you can get a feel for what the internship is really like, we wanted to share the experiences of Dev and Ikram, this year's software engineering interns.

Dev and Ikram graduated high school last year and applied for this internship with very different experiences and goals. Dev had several opportunities throughout high school to learn to program but wasn’t sure if she wanted to commit to a career in software engineering. For her, this internship was a way to get real-world experience in the industry. On the other hand, Ikram had very limited programming opportunities throughout high school and jumped at the chance to learn it. She also wasn’t sure of her career path but was considering doing a Commerce degree.

Six months into their internship, they’re absolutely smashing it. They’ve worked on projects directly on Stile’s platform and off it, across different languages and on individual projects in areas that interest them, like preventing web servers from being hacked and understanding use cases of different data types to plan approaches to projects and debugging problems. While working with Stile’s engineering team and networking with engineers at other companies, they’ve developed their problem solving, teamwork and communication skills. Both Dev and Ikram have also commented on this internship being a fantastic introduction to working life.

Next year, Dev plans on studying software engineering at university and hopes to find a part-time role in engineering while she studies. Ikram will either find a full-time job in the software industry or study software engineering at university whilst working part-time.

What’s in it for you?

You’ll come to work every day with Stile’s enthusiastic, energetic design and engineering teams at our Melbourne CBD office. You’ll experience what it’s like to work with a highly creative team in a progressive workplace. You’ll learn how to code, and you’ll work directly on apps that help kids learn about climate change, genetically modified foods, and a whole raft of other important global issues.

This could be your gap year before university or the practical experience that launches your career as a builder of the future. Perhaps you’ll use what you learn to be an entrepreneur and launch your own company.


You might have used Stile (stileapp.com) in your science classes before, but what you might not know is that we run a world-class software engineering team right here in Melbourne. All the technologies that we use to create the science lessons in Stile are the same ones that power all the apps and websites you use every day. Of course, software engineers don’t work alone - you’ll be working with artists, designers, videographers and wordsmiths too.

If you want to know more about Stile, take a look at “Our why” and “Join the Team” pages on our website. And, don’t forget to check out our ‘Meet the Team’ video too!

Why focus on women?

We recognise the importance of gender equality in strengthening our business operations and aim to improve the gender balance of our workforce, particularly in professional roles, technical roles and leadership positions. We don’t think young women are given enough opportunities to shape our shared future - a future powered and defined by the technologies that today are mostly crafted by men.

That doesn’t sound right to us, and we want to do something about it.

These internships are open to women-identifying and non-binary people. This opportunity qualifies as a ‘special measure’ under section 12 of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 (Vic).


Start and end dates

Internships will start on 1st March 2022, and you’ll graduate at our Christmas party sometime in mid-late December 2022.

Full time

This is a full-time paid position, so you’ll be working five days a week. Most of those days will be physically at Stile HQ on Exhibition Street in the city.

Tools for the job

During your internship, we’ll provide you with a laptop and all the other bits and pieces you need to be all set up and ready to code effectively.


You’ll be doing two types of initial training in the first few weeks of your internship:

  • You’ll complete an online coding course specifically related to modern web application and website design. While you’re doing this, you’ll have access to a mentor from Stile’s engineering team.
  • You’ll complete an in-house course on the basics of working life. We cover topics like personal finance, tax, running meetings, note-taking, priority management and more.

After your initial training, you’ll join one of our project teams and be doing real work alongside our mentor engineers. You’ll get the opportunity to attend ongoing training and professional development throughout the year.

Just to be clear, the cost of the training will be covered by Stile.

Mentors + Coaches

We have about a dozen Software Engineers at Stile all from different walks of life. Some of them have been engineering for quite a long time, and others are fresh in the business.

You’ll be paired up with a mentor, someone who will help you with your day-to-day and be your go-to person. Your mentor will have daily check-ins with you and assist you with all the nitty-gritty at Stile.

On top of that, you’ll have a direct manager who sits on the Senior Engineering Team. Your direct manager will be someone who’s worked as a software engineer for many years. They’ll be able to coach and guide you towards creating a solid career foundation. You’ll get one-on-one (O3) meetings with them once a week, and they’ll help you knock your goals out of the park.

Eligibility and selection criteria

  • You’re a young woman or non-binary person finishing school in 2021 or have graduated from school in the last 24 months.
  • You will have completed some Year 12 Maths
  • You can demonstrate an interest in science, maths, education, or something equivalent. Do you have a side project you’re working on? Do you tutor your friends? Do you have any other STEM interests?
  • You’ll be 18 by 31 March 2022.
  • Prior experience with code isn't necessary, but you’re keen to learn! That said, we'd love to hear about any previous coding projects you've done.
  • You live in Melbourne and will be able to commute into the Stile offices. Alternatively, you are in regional Victoria or interstate and would be willing to relocate.
  • We will have a strong bias towards applicants from socially disadvantaged or minority groups.

Is this internship only for people in Melbourne?

Definitely not!

We'd like our interns to work with us in-person at the Stile offices in the Melbourne CBD. This will be easiest for Melbourne locals. That said, we're keen to talk to any promising candidates from any location in Australia who would be interested in relocating to Melbourne for the internship. For interstate or regional candidates, Stile is willing to offer both financial and personal support to make it possible for you to attend the internship in person.

If you're thinking about applying but live interstate or in regional Victoria, get in touch and we can discuss different types of support which may include:

  • Subsidising commuting costs for regional Victorians
  • Helping with relocation costs
  • Helping with the cost of trips to visit family back home
  • Helping you develop a social support network in Melbourne

How to apply

Let us know you’re interested

If this sounds like an interesting way to spend 2022 we’d love you to apply. To do so, please send the following three things in an email to jointheteam@stileeducation.com. Mention in the email that you’re applying for the 2022 internship!

Applications close 20th November 2021 at 5pm AEST

1) A bit about you

Write us a letter or shoot us a video explaining why you should be selected for this internship and how you’re going to make the most of it. Tell us about your interests and passions. What parts of Stile’s mission and values resonate the most with you (check out stileeducation.com)? Tell us about any future career aspirations, though we don’t mind if you have no clue what you want to do, so if that is the case, just say so!

If you've persevered through economic, social or other challenges that most other kids likely haven't, tell us about it. Will your background bring something unique to Stile? We'd love to know more! If you’re from a disadvantaged background, talk to us about that too.

2) Your Resume

A resume that covers at the minimum:

  • What Year 11 + 12 subjects you’ve taken or are completing now (don’t worry about giving us your scores in these subjects though)
  • Your contact details, including your name, email address and phone number

And if you have any of the below (totally fine if not), we’d love for you to include this too:

  • Any extra-curricular activities you might be involved in
  • An initiative, project or experience you are proud of that you would like to share with us
  • Any work experience or jobs you’ve had
  • Any contributions you’ve made to your community and ways you’ve helped those around you
  • Any awards you’ve received
  • Any coding you’ve done before, especially any websites or apps you’ve made.

Remember, we’ll not only evaluate what you say, but how you say it. We’re looking for clear written and verbal communicators.

3) A reference from your school

Provide us with a brief letter from a teacher or your school principal letting us know that they think you’d be a good fit for this internship. Make sure it includes their contact details and that they’re happy for us to get in touch with them to chat about your application.

If you haven’t been in high school in over a year, you can also get a reference letter from your current boss, mentor, coach, or someone who can tell us more about you!


If we love your application, we’ll get in touch with you to organise an interview. These will run for a couple of hours (with breaks, don’t worry). We’ll ask you a range of questions to get to know you a little better, and you’ll have a chance to ask us any questions you have too!

Key Dates:

20th November: Applications due

30th November: We’ll let you know if you’ve got an interview.

First half of January: Interviews will take place

17th January: We’ll let you know if you’ve been successful.

How we work
An engineering-first approach
We know that engineering drives the success of our product. We have an engineering-first approach from the top right on down. From Stile’s founder and majority owner — Alan Finkel — to the CEO and CTO, Stile is owned and led by engineers.
Have outsized influence
Stile is still only a small team, yet we’re already used by 1 in 3 secondary school students in Australia and are rapidly growing internationally. To allow us to move quickly yet safely, we invest in CI and DevOps to release multiple times per day. Understanding that tomorrow's work is just as important as today's, we fix open bugs before starting new work, and make progress on internal tooling each sprint. Write code, ship it and see it used by 70,000 students within 24 hours, then iterate.
Build for the long term
Stile is a profitable, founder-led startup with a strong long-term product vision. We believe in building exciting tools that last years (not months) on a maintainable platform of great technology. We use a modern web tech stack featuring React, TypeScript, Ruby, and Rust with strongly typed API boundaries (defined with Protocol Buffers), and highly-available, auto-scaling containerized deployment.
Solve difficult, interesting, important problems
From designing an analytics interface so intuitive that a busy teacher can understand it at a glance, to maintaining transactional consistency in a globally distributed high-throughput database and even designing simulations, you’ll tackle interesting engineering problems which test your existing skills and teach you new ones.
Extend your skillset
We’ll help you gain the skills you need to thrive. Work on front-end, back-end and operations projects, and even cross-departmentally with our user experience and customer-facing teams. If you’re looking to specialise, join our product or platform guild to delve deep and drive technological development.
Team-based approach with the flexibility you need
Teamwork is core to our success. Pair program, problem solve, grab a coffee to discuss ideas. Get a subject matter expert on the phone - even if it’s the CTO. It's your teammates first priority to be available to help. That said, we also know the importance of meeting-free time and flexibility. Complete your deep work from anywhere that works for you: home, a cafe or the office.
People you love working with
We’re committed to being a workplace where every team member is excited about coming to work. We do everything in our power to make this an amazing place to work, and hire and manage very deliberately based on it. You will work with outstanding people who value teamwork and collaboration.
Grow your career at Stile
You’ll be given the resources and guidance you need to excel. We’ll provide you with transparency around expectations, promotion and pay, and opportunities to lead. You’ll attend conferences, and internal and external professional development events. Your manager will be an experienced engineer to help you grow and succeed through discussing next steps at your weekly one-on-one's, long-term coaching or professional development.
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