Software Engineer: Manager

We’re looking for a talented software engineer to work as a senior engineer and manager in our Engineering team.

This role will begin as a hands-on senior engineer in the team, where you'll be coached to take on one or two direct reports in the next six months. It's expected that this number will grow as we continue to expand the team, but not exceed five in a steady-state as we want you to have time to think and execute as well as manage. You'll have the opportunity to learn Stile's management style (largely we aim to follow Manager Tools guidance) from your peer managers and from DRP, our CTO.

At Stile Education, we create incredible, engaging science lessons and couple them with an intuitive and flexible teaching platform that encourages a dialogue in the classroom. We back it up with a dedicated Support and Teaching team to help teachers use effective pedagogies, regardless of their level of computer savvy.

We’re a small team — 12 engineers — but we’re having a big impact. Stile is used by 1 in 3 Australian high schools and (nearly) 1 in 2 students in our target years (7-10). This is a rare opportunity to have a big influence on a team, and make a significant long-term change to education, critical thinking and science literacy. If that appeals to you, then send us an email.

We have:

  • a highly-motivated and talented team with many experienced engineers

  • a genuine commitment to the professional development of each engineer through training, coaching, regular feedback and increasing responsibilities

  • a daily release cadence, involvement of engineers in the design process, and a willingness to take risks

  • a large base of real customers as well as growth opportunities overseas

  • enormous respect for our employees’ work-life balance reflected in our parental leave policy, flexibility and sustainable project pace

  • a highly ethical and mission-driven company

  • a modern web tech stack featuring React, TypeScript, Ruby with strongly typed API boundaries using protocol buffers, and a highly-available, auto-scaling containerized deployment.

You can find out more about our product at, and more about our company at

We’ve already helped half a million secondary school students in Australia learn science. In the next few years, we’re striving to perfect our product within New Zealand and Australia and bring our lessons to the rest of the world.

Diversity and inclusion

We believe that diverse minds can help us build the best products for current and future teachers and students. We believe in inclusivity, equity, and overcoming unconscious bias in our industry. We welcome anyone who’s ready to take the next step in their software engineering career, regardless of the path they’ve walked to reach this point. If you love science and education, strive for excellence in software engineering, and identify as a member of an underrepresented group in our community, then please apply for this job - or any of our open positions!

About you

You lead by example, enjoying an opportunity to get your hands dirty.

You learn people's ambitions and life stories, and can't help yourself but try to help them achieve their goals.

You're a critical thinker who sees the system as a whole, and finds ways to cut to the core of the issue.

You love thinking about people, processes, and systems for continuous improvement, even when the solution doesn't involve technology.

You have a strong desire to improve things around you rather than just getting today's job done.

There will never be enough time to do everything. You think about the value of competing projects and priorities, and enjoy finding the balance between things that are urgent today, and things that will set us up for success in the longer term.

The interview process

First, send us an email following the instructions at the bottom of this page. We'll get back to you within a few days.

We'll then catch up with you for a coffee (or video chat if we're in lockdown) to ask a few questions about what interests you and your past experiences.

Proceeding from there, successful candidates will need to complete a coding challenge, technical interview and past experience interview.

In these interviews, you will need to demonstrate:

  • Programming competence, systems design skills and software engineering knowledge commensurate with your experience level.

  • Resourcefulness and initiative, leading to high impact at past jobs.

  • Ability to ask the right questions, learn quickly, and tackle complex problems.

  • Ability to focus on the user experience, while balancing it against cost, security, and scalability considerations.

Experience indicator for applicants (these are advisory only and will vary for each candidate):

  • Many years of experience in the industry.

  • Has probably held technical leadership positions before, or has contributed a lasting impact on their workplace through other means.

  • Broadly knowledgeable about the industry as well as technology.

  • Deeply knowledgeable on many technical areas.

How to apply

Send us an email including:

  • A cover letter addressed to Daniel Rodgers-Pryor telling us why you’re the best candidate for the job and also a paragraph on which Behaviours of an Effective Stile-ist most resonates with you or which you disagree with and why. Your cover letter should be no more than 2 pages long.

  • Your resume.

Email applications to

Engineering at Stile

Stile is owned and led by engineers. Our team of world-class engineers work closely together to build exciting things on an intuitive and flexible teaching platform. We solve problems quickly while maintaining our relentless commitment to building high quality tools that last. We’re a small team who have outsized influence. The tools we create genuinely improve science education for thousands of students around the globe.

If you’re keen to have a rewarding, impactful career that will help improve scientific literacy amongst young people globally, we'd love to hear from you.

How we work
An engineering-first approach
We know that engineering drives the success of our product. We have an engineering-first approach from the top right on down. From Stile’s founder and majority owner — Alan Finkel — to the CEO and CTO, Stile is owned and led by engineers.
Have outsized influence
Stile is still only a small team, yet we’re already used by 1 in 3 secondary school students in Australia and are rapidly growing internationally. To allow us to move quickly yet safely, we invest in CI and DevOps to release multiple times per day. Understanding that tomorrow's work is just as important as today's, we fix open bugs before starting new work, and make progress on internal tooling each sprint. Write code, ship it and see it used by 70,000 students within 24 hours, then iterate.
Build for the long term
Stile is a profitable, founder-led startup with a strong long-term product vision. We believe in building exciting tools that last years (not months) on a maintainable platform of great technology. We use a modern web tech stack featuring React, TypeScript, Ruby, and Rust with strongly typed API boundaries (defined with Protocol Buffers), and highly-available, auto-scaling containerized deployment.
Solve difficult, interesting, important problems
From designing an analytics interface so intuitive that a busy teacher can understand it at a glance, to maintaining transactional consistency in a globally distributed high-throughput database and even designing simulations, you’ll tackle interesting engineering problems which test your existing skills and teach you new ones.
Extend your skillset
We’ll help you gain the skills you need to thrive. Work on front-end, back-end and operations projects, and even cross-departmentally with our user experience and customer-facing teams. If you’re looking to specialise, join our product or platform guild to delve deep and drive technological development.
Team-based approach with the flexibility you need
Teamwork is core to our success. Pair program, problem solve, grab a coffee to discuss ideas. Get a subject matter expert on the phone - even if it’s the CTO. It's your teammates first priority to be available to help. That said, we also know the importance of meeting-free time and flexibility. Complete your deep work from anywhere that works for you: home, a cafe or the office.
People you love working with
We’re committed to being a workplace where every team member is excited about coming to work. We do everything in our power to make this an amazing place to work, and hire and manage very deliberately based on it. You will work with outstanding people who value teamwork and collaboration.
Grow your career at Stile
You’ll be given the resources and guidance you need to excel. We’ll provide you with transparency around expectations, promotion and pay, and opportunities to lead. You’ll attend conferences, and internal and external professional development events. Your manager will be an experienced engineer to help you grow and succeed through discussing next steps at your weekly one-on-one's, long-term coaching or professional development.
Get Stile at your school
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