Head of Schools, NSW

Over the last 18 months we have been living through what will be the most historic global event since the second world war. It’s scary and confusing - especially for our youngest citizens - and misinformation is rife. It is more important than ever that our teachers are armed with the tools, resources and training they need to guide our students. Not just to understand the facts of this pandemic, but how to stop and critically evaluate those facts for themselves.

If you teach secondary science, you’ve probably heard of Stile. We create world-class teaching and learning resources for science that are designed to engage students in real-world science and help them build the skills they’ll need to thrive. Today, almost half a million Australian students and their teachers use Stile in science.

To get a bit of a feel for what we do, check out our lesson on COVID-19 and our latest science news lesson on Genetically Modified Foods.

Over the last few years, Stile’s community of schools has been expanding rapidly. Last year alone, more than 150 Australian schools (that’s around 80,000 students!) took up a subscription to Stile. For this reason, we’re looking for a passionate science teacher in Greater Sydney to join our team. Having additional people-power on the ground in NSW will allow us to ensure we fully support teachers as they experience using Stile for the first time, and go on to incorporate it into their teaching in a way that truly enhances student learning.

Yes, this is a sales role. But, we have re-imagined sales at Stile. It's fun, it's light and our customers love our product.

Imagine using your classroom experience and pedagogical expertise to consult with Heads of Science and school leaders, genuinely improving their lives and enhancing their students’ learning. Imagine delivering PD to teachers and hosting events within the STEM community. Imagine strategising to solve the problems uniquely relevant to teachers in NSW. Imagine multiplying your impact - instead of teaching a few classes, you’ll be supporting tens of thousands of students and their educators.

We’re looking for someone who is incredibly passionate about STEM education. Someone who genuinely wants to empower teachers to ensure their students graduate as scientifically literate young citizens. You do not need to have sales experience - we will teach you everything you need to know.

Does this sound like you? If so, the first thing is to read ‘the details’ below. Then to apply, please send your application to jointheteam@stileeducation.com and include the following:

  • A cover letter (no more than a page) explaining why you're going to smash this role out of the park. Include a paragraph on which Behaviours of an Effective Stile-ist most resonate with you or which you disagree with and why.

  • Your resume

  • Address your letter to Josh Ravek

Applications close Monday 18th October at 5:00pm AEST.

For more information on our hiring process, please refer to our hiring process.

The Details

What’s in it for you

  • You’ll join an amazing 55-strong team of educators, scientists, artists and engineers. Specifically, you'll form an integral part of our Community Team which is made up of teachers, dotted around Australia. Stile is a workplace where everyone genuinely cares about, and is working towards, improving scientific literacy amongst our young citizens. We hold ourselves, and each other, to a high standard, and love what we do.

  • You’ll be extremely well supported. We value our people, and it’s important to us that they’re happy. We have strong management and feedback frameworks, an Employee Assistance Program and a progressive parental leave policy.

  • You’ll be working on something that really matters. In partnership with teachers, we’re coaching students to become problem solvers and critical thinkers.

  • You’ll build an incredible network of teachers, school leaders and STEM professionals in NSW.

  • Flexibility. We expect that you work hard, but you do so from home and you’re the master of your own schedule.

  • Regular trips to Stile HQ in Melbourne for internal PD, team building and celebratory events (pending border reopening, of course). We’ll even fly you over for an annual company snow trip!

  • A Mac laptop, phone, car allowance and whatever else you need to be productive remotely.

How you’ll spend your time

School visits and relationship building

The majority of your time will be spent on the road, visiting schools. Mostly these schools will be in Sydney, but you may occasionally find yourself making trips around regional NSW too.

These school visits mostly occur as a school moves through a trial of Stile. To begin with, you’ll pop into schools for scheduled introductory chats with Heads of Science or school leaders. From there, you’ll run Professional Development for the science department, ensuring they’re confident using Stile in class. You might drop into a staffroom with morning tea, find yourself teaching a class to model best practice teaching with Stile, or even run one of our Escape Room challenges! Ultimately, through any of these visits, you’re looking to form strong relationships with teachers and leadership.

Ask anyone in our sales team; this is the best part of this role. Stile - our resources and our service - has an incredible reputation, and it’s such a fantastic opportunity to use your passion and expertise in a way that really improves the quality of science teaching and learning.

Attending/hosting community events

Building relationships with those in the local STEM community is key to being successful in this role. For this reason, you’ll be in regular attendance at local events and conferences. Once you have established a network, you’ll even find yourself hosting events to unite leaders within the community to share ideas.

Professional Development

We’re life-long learners at Stile, so we’re always looking to improve our practice. You’ll frequently find yourself reading up on the latest negotiation strategies, or learning about the latest trends in education technology. You can also expect to spend time peer-reviewing work with your colleagues, ensuring we’re always delivering the highest quality service possible. When travel allows, the sales team comes together for a training and planning week 2-3 times per year.

Booking meetings and administrative work

If you don’t have sales experience, this might be the daunting bit. There will be revenue targets and KPIs, and to meet those, you’ll need to be proactive. This said, we will be sure to teach you everything you need to know.

With so many schools already using Stile, we often have teachers contacting us eager to try it for themselves. On other occasions, you’ll reach out to teachers yourself via email or phone to see if they’re open to meeting with you for an introductory meeting. You’ll also be supported by your manager to design individualised outreach to engage schools in your area.

Once you’re working with a school, facilitating a trial is great fun. Most of this process sits in the ‘school visits’ category, but there are additional responsibilities like recording notes in our database, emailing teachers to check if they would like further support or chasing up signed subscription agreements.

A bit more about you

  • Whilst it’s not a deal-breaker, you’re probably a secondary school science teacher with a few years of experience under your belt.

  • You’re knowledgeable about science education and you’re across the latest trends in education technology and pedagogy. Importantly, you share our passion for improving science education in Australia, and genuinely want to help ensure our young people leave school ready to tackle tomorrow’s problems.

  • You are likeable and empathetic. A strong communicator that can build positive relationships and really put yourself in someone else’s shoes; understanding their problems and working to help fix them.

  • You're eager to learn. Super eager. You soak up feedback, incorporate it, and are constantly driven to be better.

  • You’re proactive and strategic. A hard worker who gets stuff done. You’re motivated to work independently, but love contributing in a team environment.

Hours and location

This is a full time, permanent role based in Sydney, NSW.

When you’re not on the road, you will be working from home.

We’ll ensure you have everything you need to be successful, including a phone and laptop. Work hours are flexible - you’re in charge of your own schedule - but you’ll find they generally fall in line with a fairly typical working day. Usually the meetings you attend and the PD sessions you facilitate will run before or after school, or anything in between.

You’ll be spending lots of time driving to schools, so you’ll need your own car (don’t worry, we cover your expenses). Semi-regular travel will be required within NSW to visit schools, and interstate for Stile events and training.

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