Head of Finance

We’re hiring for a newly created position, Head of Finance, to join our growing Melbourne-based team. This position will join an Executive team of six, reporting to the CEO.

Stile was founded in 2012 out of a desire to see more of our young citizens become scientifically literate, aware of the challenges their generation will face, and prepared for the world into which they will graduate:

  • A world of ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’.
  • A world where automation is rapidly and radically reshaping the workforce.
  • A world where science and technology are increasingly pervasive in our lives.

For our students to prosper, we believe they must leave school with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate such a world, and confident to tackle tomorrow’s problems. Confident to participate in public discourse on the ethics of scientific issues such as artificial intelligence, vaccination and genetically modified food. Confident in their ability to continually learn and adapt through a multitude of careers.

We believe this is best tackled through schools by empowering teachers with world-class science teaching resources and practical Professional Development. Our lessons are designed to be delivered during normal science classes, but push well beyond what is demanded by the curriculum. All our resources are delivered through our custom-built web-based teaching and learning platform.

Schools subscribe to Stile yearly on a per-student basis and today more than 1 in 3 Australiansecondary schools do so, representing over half a million students. While that makes Stile the most popular science teaching resource in Australia, we are, as they say, only just getting started.

Stile is founder owned and run. We believe that great, enduring organisations are the best positioned to have meaningful impact and create long-term change. We’re committed to making Stile a great place to work for high performing people, brought together by a mutual desire to improve education. We’re big believers in steady, sustainable growth. In the last five years, Stile has grown from $300,000 in revenue, to nearly $10 million this year. With your help, we’re planning to grow that to $100 million in the years to come.

As the Head of Finance at Stile, it won’t come as a surprise that you’ll be responsible for all things financial. Over the coming years, you’ll have the opportunity to build a team, and the responsibility of designing the financial policies and procedures by which we operate, with a bias towards simplicity.

How this role fits

You’ll join an existing Executive team of six, as the seventh member. This is a newly created role, absorbing responsibilities currently shared between a few on the Executive team. This is the only addition to the Executive team that we plan to make for some time.

The Executive team is highly collaborative and together take broad responsibility for Stile’s success and strategic direction. While all members of this team have specific responsibilities, all are also expected to lend input, expertise and time to help each other solve thorny problems.

We have a full time accountant on staff today, and that person will report to you. This is complemented by external accounting and legal expertise. Once you’re familiar with the current operating model, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to shape this team as you see fit.


Ultimately, you’ll be responsible for making Stile (financially) successful.

  • Ensure day-to-day and statutory financial requirements are met. Oversee our bookkeepers, accountants, bankers and lawyers.

  • Own and refine our financial model. Prepare models for various strategic directions as required by the CEO and Board.

  • Drive the budgeting process internally. Work with your peers and budget owners to ensure they’re meeting their budget. Help them find innovative ways of reducing expenditure. Assist in the renegotiation of large supply contracts.

  • Implement and optimise internal financial processes and controls with a bias for simplicity.

  • Prepare management financials and weekly performance reports for the internal team and for the Board.

  • Coordinate our internal audit activities.

  • Own and coordinate grant applications and documentation such as the R&D tax concession and Export Market Development Grant.

  • Manage our Employee Stock Option Plan

  • Manage cash flow and any associated financing. Support any future capital-raising activities.

Like many small businesses, our executives need to wear multiple hats. The Head of Finance will also take responsibility for:

  • Managing company secretarial responsibilities for multiple entities across Australia, USA and New Zealand.

  • Manage external counsel to ensure compliance with legislative and contractual requirements, especially around privacy.

There is significant scope for this role to grow over time, whether this role ultimately evolves into CFO or COO or some combination of both will be shaped by your career aspirations.

A bit about you

In addition to the general behaviours of highly effective Stilists,

  • You consider yourself a ‘details’ person, and you love numbers.

  • You’ve got experience creating financial forecasting models. You understand what is required to keep one maintainable and useful over time.

  • You’ve got a genuine desire to help people manage their financial affairs, with an understanding that it isn’t everyone’s strength like it is yours. You’re happy to help educate, and see it as part of your role.

  • Financial accountability touches every part of the organisation. You’re keenly aware of this, and go out of your way to ensure any routine work placed on our busy team is minimised. You look for clever automations, and seek to implement policies that provide the rigour we need with the last impact across the organisation.

  • You get a kick out of negotiating a better deal.

  • You’ve ideally got some experience in people management.

We’re really open minded on your background and experience. We’re also flexible on work arrangements. If this role sounds like something of interest, we really encourage you to get in touch. Please send us a one-page cover letter addressed to Byron Scaf and CV to jointheteam@stileeducation.com, letting us know why you’d thrive in this role.

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