Executive Assistant

As two of Stile’s co-founders (Danny and Byron), we’re incredibly proud of the company we’ve built and the remarkable, 50-strong team that brings Stile to life. It started with a little more than an idea for a world where our young citizens are better informed and scientifically minded. Nine years later, we’ve grown to be Australia’s #1 science teaching resource used by hundreds of thousands of Australian students.

But we really feel like this is only the beginning.

Young people the world over deserve a world-class science education. They need the tools to critically evaluate what they see in their social media feeds. And the tools to solve the big issues of tomorrow. We see Stile doing just that.

To get there, we’ll definitely need your help.

We’re looking for a long-term partner, an Executive Assistant who can join us through this next phase as we grow internationally. With your help, we, and Stile as a whole, will work faster and smarter.

As a respected member of the team, you’ll find yourself at the heart of the business, keeping the beat. You’ll be in the meetings where key decisions are made and gain an intuitive understanding of what is important and why. You’ll make sure we’re setting the right agendas and that all actions are followed through.

Using your knowledge of the business and how we work, you’ll keep ten steps ahead, anticipating our needs to ensure we’re as efficient and effective as possible. You’ll manage distractions and make sure we have time put aside to get real work done on the most important priorities. Expect to be in our inboxes, prioritising emails, drafting replies and getting back to people on our behalf. Over time, we see you becoming increasingly able to represent us on a wide range of issues.

While this is a full-time position, we’re big believers in providing flexibility about where and when you work, and are happy to discuss this as part of the interview process. We’re also really interested in hearing from a diverse range of candidates. If you think you meet some, but not all of the requirements, but think you’d find this role interesting and rewarding, please get in touch!

To apply, please send your application to jointheteam@stileeducation.com and include the following:

  • A cover letter (no more than a page) explaining why you're going to smash this role out of the park. Include a paragraph on which Behaviours of an Effective Stile-ist most resonate with you or which you disagree with and why.

  • Your resume

  • Address your letter to Danny Pikler

Applications close Sunday 10th October at 11:59pm.

For more information on our hiring process, please refer to our hiring process.

The Details

About you

  • You have a positive, can-do attitude and are always looking for ways to exceed expectations.

  • You somehow seem to find a way to make things happen, even when others around you think it’s pretty unlikely.

  • You’re discreet and utterly professional. The nature of this role means you have access to sensitive and personal information. You quickly earn and keep the trust of your colleagues.

  • You have exceptional attention to detail, and a low tolerance for poor-quality work.

  • Your written communication is always well structured, and takes into consideration the recipient’s needs. You probably find yourself naturally understanding the dynamics of different relationships and adapting your communication to suit.

  • You find it easy to communicate with people, and don’t mind picking up the phone when you need to get something done.

  • You’re quite persuasive and rarely need to use your position to get what you need.

  • Ideally, you’ll have at least 3 years of previous experience as an EA or similar.

How you’ll spend your time

In short, by doing anything and everything to make Danny and Byron successful. You’ll constantly be looking for ways to save them time and keep them at peak performance. Anything that you can take off their plate, you will.

What won’t be on your plate: general office management, human resources, IT, company events management and the like. All of this is handled separately by our People and Culture team.

Hours and location

This is a full-time, permanent role based in Melbourne, Victoria.

When Danny or Byron are in the office, it’s our definite preference that you are too. Having said that, we’re quite flexible. You’ll definitely have the opportunity to work from home, or remotely for periods, once you settle in.

What’s in it for you

  • Flexibility. We expect that you work hard, but you’ll have flexible hours and you’re the master of your own schedule. While initially we’ll want you to be around the office while you’re getting to know the place, there will be opportunities to work remotely later on.

  • Insight into the business. Working with the co-founders means you’ll really get the knowledge you need to succeed. You’ll understand the inner workings of Stile and what makes the business tick.

  • Colleagues worth working with. You’ll get to know a 50-strong team of educators, scientists, artists and engineers. Imagine a workplace where everyone genuinely cares about, and is working towards, improving scientific literacy amongst our young citizens. We hold ourselves, and each other, to a high standard and love what we do.

  • A fantastic office environment. We’re only just starting to use it again properly (thanks COVID), and we really missed it. It has a huge central kitchen, where the team often gathers to cook for each other - turns out we have some pretty amazing chefs, lots of places to put your feet up to work and even shower if you’ve decided to ride in.

  • Support always. Stile is its people, and it’s important we are creating an environment where you’re supported, happy and able to do your best work. We have strong management and feedback frameworks, an Employee Assistance Program, a progressive parental leave policy and much more.

  • Team bonding time. We enjoy each other's company and doing non-work stuff together from time to time. We’ve got a dedicated team within the company that put on regular events for us, from BBQs to Bubble Soccer and even an annual snow trip (snow sports optional)!

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